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Nuclear Committee

  Chairperson: David Ward - Duke Energy - (704) 382-4943

Nuclear Committee Vision

EUCG Nuclear Committee will be the recognized industry source for economic and performance benchmarking data and information used by member companies to improve plant and industry performance.


The Nuclear Committee maintains the following databases:

  •          Early Data Exchange Survey

  •          General Site Statistics and Cost

  •          General Unit Performance and Cost

  •          Nuclear Operating Cost (including outage detail)

  •          Capital – Cost and Capitalization Policy Information

  •          Staffing

All survey input is completed via a web-based application and managed by the Nuclear Committee data manager with Web server and application security applied. All data is reviewed prior to release and the Give-to-Get rules applied for each survey. Data detail released with blinded plant/unit names and aggregate statistics generated from detail data (Min, Max, Average, Quartiles 1, 2, 3).


The Nuclear Committee provides the following products to each member company:

  •         Early Data Exchange (Flash Report) - A high level and timely report of the following eight items: Reactor Type, Net Generation, MDC Net, Fuel Cost, Non Fuel Direct O&M Cost, Non Fuel Indirect O&M (A&G) Cost, Capital Cost, Outage Length (days)

  •         Nuclear Integrated Information Database (NIID) - A warehouse of the most valued nuclear plant cost and performance data in a user-friendly software tool to assist users in retrieving the information.

  •          Chief Nuclear Officer Report - A summary of high level industry data provided to each Chief Nuclear Officer. This is an executive summary report that expresses costs and rankings in terms of $/Mwh.

  •          Standard Benchmarking Report - A compiled set of standard benchmarking report which provides members more time for analysis of the data and less time constructing graphs and charts.


Data Schedule

Early Data Exchange (Flash Report)


Data is requested from company representatives in early January


Data is distributed to participants in early February

CNO Report


Report distributed to Chief Nuclear Officers in mid February

Annual Surveys


Data is requested from company representatives in mid January


Data is distributed to participants in April

NIID Database


First software / data release is distributed to participants in May


Second software / data release is distributed to participants in August














Nuclear Committee Member Category and Fee Structure
Industry Data Member Operator
Nuclear operators who provide data per the annual schedule for all operated units              
$1,100 EUCG, Inc. Administrative Fee
$3,550 Base Fee
$   200 per unit

Industry Forum / Member Owner
Nuclear owners (co-owners) who do not operate commercial nuclear power plants
$1,100 EUCG, Inc. Administrative Fee
$1000 per owner (includes Data Products)

Industry Affiliate Member
Related industry organizations or businesses (NEI, EPRI, INPO, etc.)
$1,100 EUCG, Inc. Administrative Fee
$3,550 per company - (includes Data Products)

Included in the annual membership fee is the workshop registration for one person for each of the biannual workshops.