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Information Technology

Chairperson: Patty Cease – Progress Energy – 919.546.7630 -

The objective of the ITC in 2011 is to provide low cost structured IT benchmark comparisons, to share best practices, and to provide access to utility industry information technology participants. The focus of the committee is on the support role of IT within the electric utility industry and core IT processes.

Few organizations in the electric utility industry provide opportunities to participate in a comprehensive IT benchmark, discuss emerging technologies, share best practices, and discuss service delivery models and business-technology integration with fellow IT professionals. The EUCG IT Committee will continue to provide the following opportunities in 2011:

  • Provide a comprehensive IT benchmark:
    • Additional refinements will be made to the methodology, data collection process, and analyses of benchmark results
    • Continue use of an independent 3rd party to administer data collection and a data management system
    • Expand development of IT metrics

  • Share quality best practices and other IT-related information:
    • Identify top performers in both individual utility business lines and enterprise IT
    • Provide forums for top performers to share best practices and lessons learned
    • Provide forums for discussion of important IT and utility industry topics

  • Leverage the EUCG Inc. to minimize overall IT costs

There are two categories of utility-only membership in the ITC each with a different fee structure:

  • Data members are electric utilities that participate in the IT benchmark process and participate in the best practice forums and other IT-related information exchanges. Data members have access to the benchmark database on a give-to-get basis.
    The annual fee for Data Members is $5,100 ($4,000 for the ITC plus $1,100 for EUCG Administration).

  • Forum members are electric utilities that participate in best practice forums and other IT-related information exchanges but do not participate in the IT benchmark.
    The annual fee for Forum members is $3,100 ($2,000 for ITC plus $1,100 for EUCG Administration.)

The above fees will serve towards membership in the IT Committee for the 2011 year. Conference information and committee updates will be mailed to you as they are available. Once membership is ensured with fee payment, you will gain member access to the EUCG web site at and to ITC’s data collection/reporting web site (if applicable).