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Hydroelectric Committee

  Chairperson: Jim Miller - TVA - Phone: (423) 751-3095

The HPC will provide comparative operating and maintenance performance information on hydroelectric facilities and provide forums for members to optimize business performance.

Objectives for the HPC include:

  To maintain and improve a hydroelectric Operating and Maintenance database which allows comparative analysis and performance information.
  To build and maintain database participation to a statistically significant level in each group or class.
  To provide effective products that present and exchange information focused on optimizing members' processes and business performance.


The products of the HPC are a database, best practices review and peer exchange symposiums. The database, which contains HPC member facility information on about 250 hydro plants and 115,000 MW capacity is managed by a third party contractor.

Milestone dates for 2011 are:


Data Initialization begins


Data Submittal (2010 Data)

April - June

Data Audit Conducted


HPC Member Data Revision/Update


Database Release to Participants

August 1


HYDROELECTRIC MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUM - Planned in conjunction with Spring EUCG Workshop

Annual Fee:

$1100. Administrative Fee (required for all member types)

$2000. Data Member Fee - * includes access to Hydroelectric database and information and Hydro Management Symposium conference fees.

$2000. Forum Member Fee - * includes Hydro Management Symposium conference fees. *Access to data base information requested with an annual purchase price of $15,000.

$5000. Alliance Member Fee - * access to Hydro Management Symposium by invitation only - * Access to the data base information requested with an annual purchase price of $20,000

$1850  Conference Allocation Fee

Total Data Member Fee would be $4950