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The EUCG Difference

The EUCG is an association of utility professionals that meet semi-annually to discuss electric utility issues and problems.

Here you will find discussions and ideas on long term issues facing the industry. The EUCG provides feedback on utility and plant specific problems with the purpose of increasing competitiveness and value. State of the art plant performance data is at your fingertips. The participants include all levels of energy company representatives. EUCG is a non-profit association run by professionals within a corporate-like infrastructure. The national and international membership is devoted to promoting accuracy, quality and efficient data management. This allows energy companies to benefit from others best practices. Networking between members provides reliable information exchange. Dues for membership is inexpensive compared to other utility information groups.

Cross Section of Energy Performance data, networking, workshops & conferences.

Information encompasses:

Fossil Information Technology
Nuclear Financial Issue Management
Hydroelectric Decommissioning
Transmission and Distribution ISO/RTO Issues

Products and Services:

Conference topics are presented by analysts, experts, & our experienced energy company members on topics you bring to the agenda...immediate support.

  • Process Benchmarking
  • Asset Replacement Cost Strategies
  • Benchmarking in a Competitive Market
  • Performance Measurement
  • Deregulated Markets Activity
  • Unit Reliability Strategies
  • Industry Financial Analysis
  • Best Practice Application
  • Workforce & Long Range Planning
  • Best Performer Analysis
  • Multi-Skill & Multi-Task Personnel
  • Staffing Comparison and Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing

Members participate and learn from sessions that feature industry authorities, utility executives, results of EUCG sponsored studies, open forum discussion of new and successful practices, and innovations at member utilities.

If you have a presentation you would like to make at a future conference please feel free to send an abstract to the EUCG office.